Ice Conditions Report 1-30-23 Finally Someone Turned Off The Heat!

Emily Gantner at Miners Falls. PC Erik Olsen

Well, we finally got the cold spell everyone has been hoping for and just in time for Ice Fest- better late then never! We are only a few days into it but we are already seeing great progress in the formation of our pillars.

Front Country

The front country has been seeing a lot of action on the weekends and some of the Sand Point Road classics are just now beginning to fill in. No Boundaries, The Dryer Hose, The Curtains, Prelude Curtain are all growing and should be bigger by next weekend. Our guess is most climbable formations will be in by next weekend!

Back Country

Looks like area legend and Pictured Rocks pioneer Paul Kuenn was out exploring the back country and found a few newly formed pillars. He also reported Dairyland is almost formed with the main sheet of ice being five feet from touching down. Pillars continue to grow but not all are in yet.

Reports from the backcountry of climbs that are in include AGF, Bridalveil, The Rim, Rappin Ice, HMR, On The Rocks, and After Midnight. Giddy Up was reported that it was not climbable this past weekend.

Our forecast heading towards Ice Fest week is looking very promising. Cold temperatures and fresh snow are on the way and should be exactly what we need to get the back country pillars in shape to climb.

If you are heading up this way and you forgot your long undies or that ratty belay parka is not cutting it, be sure to stop by Down Wind Sports in Munising to pick up any last minute items, gear rentals or beta!

Please be mind full that this season, formations are extremely delicate and knocking any pillars down at this point may take a month to reform.

Weather and ice conditions can change hourly and what may appear to be “good conditions” to one climber may not be so to another. Please remember that just because a conditions report says that a particular climb is “in”, each individual is ultimately responsible for making his/her own climbing decisions.