Ice Conditions January 31st

Right Twin

Scouted out the climbs today for the upcoming Michigan Ice Fest!  Conditions today were warm…..31 degrees, with a fresh 2 inches of snow on the ground.  We did not need snowshoes on existing trails but if you are coming up and are going to explore the backcountry I would bring them.

Left Twin

Actual ice conditions have not changed much from this past weekend with most seeps being in but a little thin at the tops, while true waterfalls are not climbable.

Dryer Hose
No Boundries
Memorial Falls
Window Waltz

We are getting a lot of calls regarding conditions and yes- we do not have the amount of ice that we are use to having for the fest, but there will be enough ice for folks to climb.  We will just have to put in more effort to get to the ice that is in.  The only climb that we found today that was not climbable was Memorial Falls….all others were in decent shape.  Looks like temps will be in the 30’s all weekend long….at least the free beer will be cold!