Ice Conditions 3-2-14

12891836594_dfebc4471e_zWell the photo says it all….-28 degrees this morning almost had me heading back to Marquette and a warm bed!  Fortunately the plan was to ski to Trout Bay on Grand Island which was almost guaranteed to keep us warm!  With the morning sun cresting over the ridge we made good time skiing from the Grand Island Public Launch to the West Shore of Trout Bay in 1.5 hours.


The lake ice is super solid and it looks like all climbs are still accessible from the lake ice via skis or snowmobile.  As you can imagine, there is more ice formations on both the east side and on the west side this year due to our amazing cold temperatures.




Based on what we saw today, it looks like March will be the perfect time to come up and climb Grand Island in warmer temperatures-its got to be coming soon right? Keep checking back as we will have weekly updates on how long of a season we will have this year!