Ice Conditions 12-17

16046708705_6689f8e688_zGloom, despair, and agony on me….deep dark depression excessive misery……if we had no bad luck we’d have no luck at all.  Last weeks warm up had a devastating effect of the ice in Munising.  We hit the Curtains today and found several pillars that had fallen down and only one climbable route.  The good news is that winter has returned and hopefully we will be back in business in a week or so.


We found this little pillar on the way over to the Dryer Hose and it is something that I have never seen formed before.  With all of the water in the ground table, new seeps are forming all over the park!

15859257238_b87ea681fc_zThe Dryer Hose on the other hand has been devastated with all of the melt.  Looks like we will have to give it two more weeks before it will be climbable.  Keep checking back for current conditions or call the store at 906-226-7112 to get up to date information!