Ice Conditions 1-26-12

East Channel climbs Grand Island

Headed to Munising today to check on the conditions.  The temps were quite warm…a stunning 32 degrees- almost unheard of for February.

For Ice Fest there will be no need to bring up snowshoes as we have had a light snow year and the trail is packed all the way to Miners Castle.

The Three Sisters

It has been an interesting season so far with true seeps not touching down yet this year.  True water falls have too much water flow and are being eaten away and are not climbable.  Formations that have just a trickle seem to be in the best shape so far.  That includes Sweet Mother Moses and the Dryer Hose.

Sweet Mother Moses
Giddy Up


Lake Shore Climbs


Window Waltz


Memorial Falls

Looks like there will be ice to climb for the fest but we are going to have to work to get to some of  it!  We will keep you posted all this week….think cold!