Ok folks this is really scary! No one has submitted photos for the “Beers with Bill 2” slide show……come on guys and gals- don’t make me pull out the family vacation shots! Send me 4-5 of your favorite climbing shots and we’ll get them into the show! New to the Beers With Bill concept? It really is “The Participants Slide Show”. While enjoying a tasty beverage of choice with our own Bill Thompson of Down Wind Sports,  participants will be entertained with fantastic slides of climbing adventures from all over the country! Feel free to cheer during the show for your personal favorites! If you have great pictures to show that you took, and just love, please submit them to Bill at downwindsports@gmailcom (in digital form please) and he will put them all together for the show. If not we will be watching slides of Bill’s latest family vacation. PLEASE SEND ME YOUR SHOTS!