Hayden Kennedy Signs On To The 2018 Fest!


On our short list for a few years now we are excited to announce that Patagonia will be sending Hayden Kennedy to the 2018 Michigan Ice Fest!  Look for news of Hayden’s presentation and clinics in the near future.

We will never remember the summits or the climbs as much as the partnerships that we build in the mountains. These friendships are strengthened by climbing but climbing is only one aspect of these bonds. As I climb more and more I am realizing that it’s just as important to know when to stay home. Climbing is a beautiful curse. I see both the light and the dark in climbing; when this is recognized true learning begins. Partnership has been the most important and powerful aspect of climbing for me. Hayden Kennedy


Over the years we have worked hard with industry leader Patagonia to bring top notch athletes to our event and this year is no exception. We want to thank Patagonia for their dedication and support and particularly for sending Hayden this year!