Have You Tried a Nomic Yet?

Have you ever tried a set of Nomic tools?  The Nomics just happen to be one of our best selling ice axes and for good reason.  These tools just kill it on the ice!  No reason to take our word for it- for years Petzl has been very generous by providing crampons, ice axes, helmets, and harnesses to make sure our demo is a huge success.  Petzl, like our other Gold Sponsors, will also be sending amazing prizes for the Saturday evening raffle.



The Nomic allows the entire rock climbing repertoire to be transferred to ice. Thanks to its adjustable ergonomic handle, it offers multiple grip modes and limits the risk of snagging when switching hands. The ice pick allows easy penetration in any type of ice, and pulls out easily. The modular head has two removable pick weights to balance the axe and propel it into the ice with an exceptional swing. The Nomic can also be equipped with a hammer when placing pitons.



Be sure to check out the full line up of Petzl tools that will be at this years Ice Fest! Special thanks goes out to Petzl for committing to support Mid West ice climbers and for being part of the 2016 Michigan Ice Fest!