Half Day Teaser Classes

black-diamond-helmet-bannerAre You…

Interested in trying out ice climbing but not ready to commit to spending a whole day out?

Short on time but still want some instruction?

Trying to shorten the ice climbing learning curve but a full day class won’t fit into your budget?

Did you…

Want to sign up for a full day Intro to Ice class but they are sold out?

Well we’ve got a class for you!

Our half day teaser classes cover the same basic ice climbing skills as our full day Intro to Ice classes so you’ll learn the basics of how to move on ice as well as get in some practice climbing.  We have world class instructors and professional climbers teaching these classes and they take place on the same beautiful climbs.  They just don’t last as long.

Combining one of these shorter classes with the gear demo can create a really fun weekend and get you a lot of ice climbing experience.  You’ll get instruction on how to climb and then be able to take the gear out and climb at our demo wall or on your own.

We still have teaser classes available, as well as lot of other great classes, so if you want to learn from the best climbers in a fun and supportive environment head over to our registration page and sign up today!

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