Grivel Tech Machine


From all day ice to alpine mixed lines to single pitch pillars, you need a tool that can handle any type of terrain with great all around performance. The Tech Machine’s geometry offers great swings from steep cauliflower’d ice to calf destroying lower angle romps. An aggressive pick angle with a long first tooth allows secure hooking on edges and hot forging gives great durability while torquing in cracks on mixed terrain. The Tech Machine features a dual density handle with multiple grip options, allowing you to shake out when pumped or choke up to get an extended reach. It’s Cyclops eye on the head of the axe allows for easy racking on ice clippers, carabiners or other racking methods. The Tech Machine comes standard with the ICE blade or ICE PLUS blades and accepts the optional MIX blade.

  • Weight: 635 grams 22.4 ounce
  • Ships with ICE blade or ICE PLUS blade
  • Length: 49cm
  • CE Certified T Rated

Be sure to check out a pair during the Michigan Ice Fest demo!