Did Someone Say Free Beer?

One of the best things about attending the Michigan Ice Fest is the people. At Ice fest you will find men, women, children, first-time climbers and guys who get paid to climb. During the day everyone sort of does their thing, but in the evenings we pack everyone together in a room above Sydney’s and listen to the professionals tell us stories of their latest adventures. This is also a great time to meet new people or catch up with old friends.

We will kick off the festival on Thursday night 7pm with  the “Participants Slide Show: Beers with Bill ” while enjoying a tasty beverage of choice with our own Bill Thompson of Down Wind Sports. If you have great pictures to show that you took, and just love, please submit them to Bill at bill@downwindsports.com (in digital form please) and he will put them all together for the show.  Feel free to cheer during the show for your personal favorites!

Friday night at 6pm with Scarpa and Osprey Packs  providing the refreshments. This night Roger Strong and Mark Wilford will be presenting.

Saturday night we will again get things going around 6pm but tonight La Sportiva will be around to help keep your mouth from drying out. On this night Vince Anderson and Barry Blanchard will be presenting.

A HUGE thank you goes out to La Sportiva, Osprey, and Scarpa for sponsoring the climbing socials all weekend long!  THANK YOU!!!!