Demo Details!


DEMO Program

For 2015 participants will be able to checkout demo gear Thursday through Sunday.  Demo ropes will be set up Saturday and Sunday.

Pre registration and a credit card will be required to check out equipment!

The demo area at The Curtains is a great time to try out the latest gear and clothing from some of the leading manufacturers in the industry. You will also have the opportunity to learn from some of the world’s best climbers as they will be on-hand to provide tips and advice.

There will be a limited number of helmets and harnesses to use, if you have your own, bring them if you want to avoid having to wait. You will be responsible for finding someone to belay you.


There will be a protected area roped off.  We ask that climbers and belayers be in this area only.
Helmets must be worn while climbing or belaying in the roped off area!!!

The Curtains along Sand Point Road in Munising

Saturday  ::  10am – 4pm
Sunday     ::  10am – 3pm

Demo Equipment Check-out:
Thursday-Sunday at 9:00am upstairs at Sydney’s

Demo Equipment Check-in:

Friday 4-7pm

Saturday   4-7pm

Sunday   2-4pm