Dave Pagel Presentations / Book Signing


Dave Pagel has been a fixture of the Midwestern climbing scene ever since he wrote his first article for Climbing magazine (the much-anthologized “Mind Games”) in 1984. In the years since, Dave has published story after story recounting his self-effacing Everyman adventures on classic climbs ranging from rock solid El Cap to Utah’s crumbling Titan, from his humble home cliffs on Minnesota’s North Shore to the Eiger’s legendary North Face. In 2015, his collection of published writings, Cold Feet, Stories of a Middling Climber, was shortlisted for the prestigious Boardman Tasker Prize for Mountain Literature. In addition, Dave has been at the forefront of the outdoor recreation revolution in Duluth, Minnesota, where the local climbing community has gone activist to transform the access-imperiled Casket Quarry into a legitimate city park where ice and mixed climbing are now welcome and ice farming is imminent.

About Dave’s book, the Boardman Tasker Committee has written:“For years David Pagel has been contributing to American magazines wry, self-effacing accounts of his climbing his way through classic peaks, famous personalities and our often puzzling mountaineering culture. His bemused sense of fun cannot disguise his climbing and writing achievements.”
Following the presentation, Dave will be selling and signing copies of his book.



Friday 5pm

Duluth Ice Park- A Success Story: Michigan Ice Fest Headquarters

Saturday 5pm

Cold Feet: Stories of a Middling Climber On Classic Peaks & Among Legendary Mountaineers- Falling Rock Cafe and Book Store