NEW! Grand Island Adventure

Photo: Mike Wilkinson

Have to tried to sign up for this adventure only to find out the lake ice hadn’t formed to get over to the island?  We have been bummed over the last few years to have to cancel this trip.  New for 2024, if the lake ice is safe to cross, we will be offering this trip with registration at the door.  Please be sure to look for any announcements and to register for the trip when you pick up your credentials in Munising!

This adventure is designed to introduce the intermediate ice climber to some of the largest ice formations in the Midwest! Grand Island National Recreation Area is situated a quarter mile off shore from Munising and holds the largest concentration of ice in the Midwest.  Participants will be provided skis and the course will ski out to the island to explore these amazing ice formations. Students will review proper use of gear and equipment and will be shown different techniques and when to use them.

Boots, crampons and tools are provided for the class. If you plan on climbing outside of your class, you will need to pay the demo fee when you register.

Class is limited to 7 participants.

$350 per person.