American Alpine Club Membership Drive

The American Alpine Club has had a strong presence of the Michigan Ice Fest for many years and we’ve partnered with them to create our AAC Ground School. These free half day classes focus on developing the basic skills we need to be safe, successful climbers. Skills like belaying, repelling, and more are taught off the ice at our Ice Fest Guides Center at 112 Elm Ave. Space is limited and preregistration is required.

In addition to the free ground school, we having our annual AAC membership drive and raffle. More people become AAC members at the Michigan Ice Fest than almost any other event in the country, and we are really proud of that. Every person who joins or renews their membership during the festival will be entered into a drawing held Sunday morning at 10AM at the Ice Fest Guides Center where they are guaranteed to win something. That’s right, guaranteed to win. Must be present to win.

There are plenty of perks when you join the AAC, but if you really want to know what the AAC is all about and why it’s important, take a look around you. Look to the mentor who first showed you how to belay. The partner throwing you a high-five at the summit. Your local legends. The AAC is about all of these people. It’s about community—about coming together. It’s about the developing the legacy of climbing, and celebrating that legacy. Just like the Michigan Ice Fest, and that’s why we make such great partners