Climbs Classes Will Be On

Just a reminder that the Michigan Ice Fest will be conducting classes Wednesday through Sunday at Ice Fest.  That means classes will be on the following climbs starting at 9am each day: We appreciate if folks can stay away from these areas during class times.  Please note there will be NO CLASSES on The Dryer Hose or The Ampitheater all weekend long!

Looking for a secluded spot to climb?  Please stop by our headquarters where we can direct you to many areas that see little or no climbers all season long! We appreciate everyone cooperating to make this event happen!

Twin Falls

The Curtains

Lakeshore Curtains

Opening Curtains

Bridal Veil Falls

No Boundaries

April Ice

Drake Seep

Little One

School Room

Swamp Thing

Big Pine Pillar

Miners Falls

There Will Be Monsters

Boomer Falls

Little One