Check out the Cool new Petzl Connect Adjust

Safety is always our primary concern at Michigan Ice Fest. If you’re safe when you’re climbing you get to go home and climb again tomorrow, and that’s what really matters.

connect3So when we saw the new Connect Adjust from Petzl we were really excited. At it’s simplest, it’s a personal anchor system, but infinite adjustability and simple ease of use make it one of the best we’ve seen.

One end is girth hitched to the harness and locking carabiner is fit through the rope adjuster at the other end. A rubber ring keeps the carabiner from turning in the adjuster and facilitates easy clipping.

The Adjust rope adjuster makes for quick, easy and accurate changes to the anchors length anywhere between 15-95cm (6-37in). The rope is dynamic allowing the Connect Adjust to reduce the shock of a very short fall but it does not have an energy absorber and is not meant to take a fall from above the anchor.

connect1Perfect for both ice and rock climbing, the Connect Adjust from Petzl works great in every situation where a personal anchor is needed.  It adds a bit of ease to your safety routine and helps to get you home at the end of the day so you can get back out tomorrow.  We’ll have the Connect Adjust available during Ice Fest and, to keep your pocket book as safe as your climbing, we’ll have them at 20% off!connect2