Lowa Boots & Carlos Buhler Return To Ice Fest!


Courtesy of Gold Level Sponsor Lowa Boots, Carlos Buhler will be making a return trip to the Michigan Ice Fest! Carlos has been at the forefront of expeditionary mountaineering for 25 years. His remarkable success stems from his delicate balance of product versus process in the mountaineer’s severe and unforgiving world. His leadership style has produced astonishing results. Well known British author and mountaineer, Stephen Venables wrote, “The American climber, Carlos Buhler, is one of the world’s most successful expeditioners. Over the last 25 years he has been at the forefront of exploratory mountaineering with many first ascents in Peru, Alaska, and the Himalaya.”

Carlos’s skill in managing extraordinary risk while recognizing unique opportunity has become his most recognizable trademark. By remaining focused on defining a common vision for his team members and maintaining a unity of purpose, he has built his career on principles that embody quality, integrity, and mutual respect. Australian author and Antarctic explorer, Damien Gildea, commented, “His climbing career is the one by which I judge all others… His achievements are unparalleled in American climbing, and probably in world climbing.”

A special thanks goes out to Lowa Boots for ensuring the high quality of instructors at our event!