Black Diamond QC Lab- Gear Doesn’t Last Forever




If you have never read the BD Blog QC you should head on over for some interesting reading on gear.  Pretty interesting stuff…..and reminded me that I should look at my gear a tad bit closer.

“This month is first part of a series the QA engineers are doing on gear lifespan. Gear, no matter how well designed and constructed, doesn’t last forever. First off, they’ll focus on ice tool picks.  Here at Black Diamond, I answer more emails about the longevity and durability of climbing gear than anything else. Contrary to popular belief, climbing gear doesn’t last forever. For instance, I recently received a #2 Camalot in the mail that was manufactured in 2002. The thing was destroyed—it looked like it had been up El Cap 300 times. The customer wanted a new one because it was worn out. News flash: climbing gear doesn’t last forever.”

Check out the blog post on Ice Picks here!