Black Diamond- Gold Level Sponsor Returns For Another Michigan Ice Fest

For years Black Diamond has been very generous by sending double the amount of demo gear that other festivals receive,  so that all of our participants can test out the latest and greatest ice climbing gear.  BD, like our other Gold Sponsors, has sent amazing athletes to our event  ensuring that we get the highest quality instructors, and are entertained in the evening with inspiring stories of climbing around the world.   This year BD  has teamed up with Arc’Teryx and has graciously agreed to send Will Gadd.

Will Gadd

I grew up in a family that hiked, climbed and went into the mountains whenever they could. Some of my earliest memories are of long backpacking trips, wind-blown summits and surviving winter skip trips. The first sport I really got into on my was caving. When I was 14 I started kayaking. At 16 I bought my first climbing rope, and did my first new rock route. At 25 I first flew a paraglider. At 41 my daughter came into the world. She’s already doing all the stuff I did as a kid, and she’s an athlete too.  Some of Will’s exploits include:

-Establishing the hardest mixed ice climbing lines in the world.

-Setting the world distance record for paragliding. Twice. 423 km (263 miles) the second time.

-Kayaking down dozens of first ascents across North America.

-Winning the Canadian National Sport-Climbing Championships. Four times.

-Winning three gold medals at the X Games. And the Ice Climbing World Cup.

-Winning the US and Canadian Paragliding Nationals.

-Flying my paraglider over the Grand Canyon.

-Climbing icebergs off the coast of Labrador with Ben Firth.

-Flying my paramotor across the USA with Jim Grossman.

-Using supplemental oxygen to explore high carbon-dioxide caves in Thailand.

-Ice climbing in underground mines in Sweden.

-First one-day ascent of the tallest mountain in the Canadian Rockies, Mt. Robson. Solo.

-Climbing big new rock, ice and alpine routes all over the world.


More on Will can be found here!


Don’t forget that Down Wind Sports will also feature a full selection of sweet Black Diamond gear at our on site retail shop.  Enjoy Will Gadd’s show then come on up and get geared up for your next adventure!

Black Diamond Stinger Crampon

It’s always exciting to see new gear being offered at the Michigan Ice Fest demo and this year we are super pyched to have the Black Diamond Stinger Crampon available for participants to try out!

Designed to tackle serious ice and mixed lines on winter crags and alpine faces the world over, the Black Diamond Stinger is the lightweight stainless steel crampon offered by Black Diamond, with a replaceable monopoint. An asymmetrical design fits the contours of modern mountain boots, and thin, low-profile heel and toe wires offer a precise fit for less weight.


  • Asymmetrical stainless steel design is lightweight, won’t rust and fits the contours of modern boots
  • Mono frontpoint is replaceable at low cost and can be changed quickly and easily in the field
  • Hooded frontpoint and aggressive secondary points are optimized for precise, secure placements
  • Low-profile micro-adjust heel level offers precision fit
  • Thin, low-profile toe bail and thinner, shorter heel wire for improved fit with modern boots
  • Includes front and rear dual-density ABS




Cobra Ice Axe

Oh-la-la!  This is the most aesthetically beautiful tool on the market.  Not only does it look good- it swings even better!  The ultimate carbon fiber tool for leashless mixed, ice and alpine climbing, the Black Diamond Cobra provides unparalleled performance from the crags to the Karakoram. The Cobra features a lightweight shaft that provides precise, technical swings and offers the most clearance of any of our tools-all without sacrificing balance or axis of rotation.


  • Lightweight carbon fiber shaft with greatest clearance of any Black Diamond tool
  • Balanced with weight in head for damp, accurate strikes
  • Laser Pick, Cobra Strike and Fang included, modular head design
  • Removable upper and lower pommels
  • Shaft CEN-T certified, patented
  • Pick is CEN-B

All these videos makes us want to go climbing!  We can extend the Ice Fest discount one week- call or email the store for your hook up!  Once again a big thank you goes out to Black Diamond for another year at being a Gold Level Sponsor!