Benjamin Erdmann

I call the Matanuska Valley of Alaska home, living the simple life in a cabin smaller than most folks master bedroom… though I tend to chase weather patterns across this awesome Earth (sometimes following sun and dry rock, sometimes shade and frozen smears of ice). I am 25 years old, and age quickly above 20,000ft(see photo, ha!)

You, Bill Thompson, took me ice climbing for my first time at age 15… and Ive absolutely hooked ever since. I’ve flailed and sent in the Great Range of Alaska each year since I was 18.  Completely fallen in love with Patagonia and have participated in climbing trips from the far southern tip to the northern border. Last year I spent 3 months in Nepal exploring and climbing in the rarely visited north west Api Nampa region.

I have  rappelled hydro electric dams, wind turbines, the Space Needle, and the pipelines in the oil fields of the North Slope in Alaska where I currently work as an Industrial Rope Access Technician, which funds these far fetched adventures.

I am happiest when life is reduced to sleeping on the ground and eating beans and rice.

Ben will be presenting a slide show of his climbing adventures Thursday night of Ice Fest!