Bay Furnace Bagel!



Long time Michigan Ice Fest participants will notice a new bagel shop in town!  Located across the street from the Munising Motel, it will be a short walk for some delicious bagels to fuel a great day of climbing!  Named after the Bay Furnace area in Christmas, MI. The Bay Furnace Blast Iron Furnace located in the campgrounds was one of many in the area that created cast iron ingots from local high grade iron ore in the late 1700’s to mid 1800’s. At the time mining iron ore was easy and necessary for building railroads and steam engine trains.

Bay Furnace Bagel Works uses well known processes to mix and bake bagels and artisan breads fresh daily. Like the blast furnaces turning iron ore into cast iron for steel, we turn flour into delicious golden bagels with fruit, nuts, cheeses, and vegetables. We have everything from sweet to spicy served by themselves or as a breakfast or lunch sandwich. Come in and buy a mixed dozen and a half pint of flavored or plain cream cheese on your way out to visit the natural beauty of our area.