April Ice……Still Nice!

April 10th and still climbing ice!  An early morning thunderstorm didn’t deter three seriously addicted ice climbers from hitting Munising for one last time…..maybe!  The light rain soaked the ropes and gloves this morning but the warm temperatures made the climbing relatively comfortable.

Swapping leads, Linda Bryan and I were astounded at how much ice is still left to climb.   I hate to sound the a broken record but if you are itching to finish out the season there is still plenty of soft hero ice left…if you hurry!

To the right of Opening Curtain, Opening Curtain, and the far left hand side of The Curtains proper are all very protected from the sun and are still incredibly thick.

If your looking for an adventure in Munising, come on up and make sure you pack your Mt. Bike, Sea Kayak and Ice tools!