April Ice Is Nice!

Cold temperatures have extended the climbing season into April!  While the true waterfalls are no longer available to climb the seeps have actually been growing!  Sunday we headed out along the Lakeshore Trail to explore and play around on the soft April ice.

Most of the morning we swapped leads on perfect hero ice and found routes around every corner.  The temps started out in the upper 30’s and climbing in a fleece and no gloves was comfortable.

By mid afternoon the conditions started to deteriorate with rain changing to a heavy wet snow and with forgotten lunches and no water it seemed that we were in full alpine training mode!

Have you every played around with the Black Diamond First Shot?  With our extended day and worsening conditions it was nice to play around with some of our gear.  The first shot is a  unique, compact guide that provides the maximum depth and strength for threaded ice anchor.  It essentially takes all the guess work out of your angles for setting up your V thread and is super easy to use!

There is still time to get your ice fix this season!  If you are planning on heading up for one last trip don’t hesitate to give us a call to get the latest conditions!