Mountaineer Bob Returns!

The wonderful thing about attending an ice climbing festival is the opportunity to immerse yourself in what is essentially the pulse of our sport.  From fellow climbers, elite athletes, gear, the engineers that make the gear, and the folks that record and preserve our history.  Our friend Bob is one of those folks that makes our festival so unique.  Bob will be back at it again this year displaying his wares at the festival headquarters in Sydney’s.  Bob’s brings to the fest interesting and sometimes signed, climbing memorabilia which makes for great reading back home or at the hotel room.  He sells, trades, or buys mountaineering books, older climbing magazines and climbing catalogs, signed mountaineering expedition postcards and covers, and mountain related postage stamps.  If you don’t see it ask!  He may have it or know of someone who does.  These make great gifts for climbers so during the fest stop by Bob’s table and see what treasures you may find!