2022 New Product Highlight- Screws & Tools!

The Michigan Ice Fest has always been a place where climbers can come and get a first look at the most innovative new climbing products on the market. This year we will give a preview here as well as having it available at our online store as well as “in person” at the Michigan Ice Fest Headquarters during the Festival!
During Ice Fest our headquarters is the ultimate “toy shop” that a climber can dream of. From clothing to gear if it is made for ice climbing, you’ll find it here! All of the leading manufacturers will have booths set up displaying and selling the latest and greatest gear with sales representatives on hand to answer any questions you might have. And that’s not even the best part! As a participant at the Michigan Ice Fest you are entitled to a 20% discount on all purchases made during the festival.



CAMP Rocket Screws

The Rocket is a top-level workhorse for alpinists and ice climbers who rely on their ice screws in big mountain terrain. The chromoly steel construction is lightweight, strong and durable. The front teeth have been engineered for the fastest placements even in the coldest, most compact ice. Reverse angle threads ensure smooth driving and maximum holding power. Compact chromoly hanger aligns with the screw to pull in an optimal direction and racks well on both sides of the harness. Fold out crank knobs are color coded for easy identification.



Grivel Dark Machine Ice Axe

The Ultimate technical ice axe which combines the most advanced technologies and materials into a modern tool, destined for great performances. Designed for ice climbing, this aggressive technical ice axe has a G-bone carbon composite shaft and full carbon handle that ensure lightness and, at the same time, extreme toughness and durability.
Very light at only 490 grams, their geometry offers a higher balance point, that allows a much better swing.



Blue Ice Aero / Aero Lite Ice Screw

The AERO LITE are the lightest ice screws on the market, with an innovative 3-tooth steel bit for technical mountaineering.
They are available in 5 lengths. They use a stainless steel, 3 tooth tip, which allows for easy placement in all conditions.
The body and the hanger are made of aluminum to minimize weight.
The foldable crank is made of stainless steel.
The diameter of the screws is larger than the current ones on the market.
This makes it possible to safely use existing anchor holes. A color code makes to quick identification of the different lengths.
These are the ideal screws for technical routes where performance and lightness are key points.


The Aero is innovative thanks to its 3-tooth tip design which gives the best quick and easy screwing. Its thin wall design reduces the weight considerably, the steel tip and tube maintains high durability of the threads. Its largest diameter body allows to use securely existing holes when there is no other option. Colors-coding easily indicates the length of the screw. Its features and design make it the ideal ice screw for the most technical routes where performance, durability and lightness are key.



From now until Ice Fest we will be giving you a sneak peak on a small sampling of what you can expect to find in the sponsor booths!