2014 Michigan Ice Fest Tee!


Check out the new 2014 official Ice Fest Tee Shirt!  The shirts are an original woodblock designed by Rick Allen of snowy Duluth Minnesota.  We will have a variety of sizes available all weekend at Ice Fest headquarters.

Established in the fall of 2003 by Rick Allen and Marian Lansky, The Kenspeckle Letterpress represents the unholy marriage of 19th Century cast-iron printmaking and 21st Century digital technologies, producing an array of original prints, letterpress and offset notecards, giclee prints, and a miscellany of Curious Engravings, Eccentric Broadsheets, Quaint Conceits of Modern Design, and other printed ephemera.

Kenspeckle is a Scottish word meaning “conspicuous, easily recognizable, distinctive.” One might say that King Kong is a kenspeckle ornament of the Empire State Building.