2013 Course Registration Is Now Open!

Registration for all of Michigan Ice Fest courses is now open!  This is a record early open for us, so sign up today as these classes usually fill by the holidays.  Call 906-226-7112 to reserve a spot in one of these outstanding courses.

Our clinics are the perfect opportunity to gain experience and knowledge from some of the best climbers in the world!  We have scheduled our athletes to teach our Saturday through Sunday courses.   All courses Thursday and Friday will be taught by local climbers.  If you are interested in signing up, act quickly as space is limited!  All clinics meet at the upper level of Sydney’s for introductions and to distribute equipment.


The courses are one day courses- please sign up for the day you would like to take the course.




Introduction to Ice Climbing: Thu/Fri/Sat/Sun 9:00am

Learn equipment selection, tool placement, stance, and ice climbing technique.  Lots of climbing time provided.  Space is limited for this course. $120 per person includes gear

Women’s Introduction to Ice: Sat/Sun  9:00am

We have some great instructors for this all-women’s intro to ice. Join one of our athletes  for this hands-on course aimed at developing basic ice climbing skills. $120 per person includes gear

Introduction to Leading on Ice: Sat/Sun 9:00am

This class is designed to introduce the beginning ice climber to the gear and techniques associated with leading on ice. Students will learn proper use of gear and equipment and will be shown different techniques and when to use them. Upon entering this class the student must have knowledge of the basic gear and techniques associated with ice climbing. $120 per person includes gear

Building Top Rope Anchors: Thu/Fri 10:00am

One of the essentials of safe climbing is the ability to create and/or identify safe anchors. This course will give you hands on instruction on how to build a solid top rope anchor. The course is designed to give you knowledge and background information and to give you actual anchor building experience under the watchful eye of our instructor. Through the course of the day, you will have the opportunity to build anchors, and have your anchors critiqued. By the end of the day you should have the confidence to set up your own anchors in just about any situation.  $120 per person includes gear


Kid’s Climb: Sat 10:00am

Ages 9-14 will be able to join the fun and learn how to climb ice!  Participants will learn about ice climbing in a safe and super fun environment! Space is limited so sign up early. $40 per person includes gear.